- Lino Cuts -

Lino cuts
Full moon   At the window   Wind   The boxer

Long hair   Long hair 1   Defeated warrior   Sax

Guitar solo   Bass player   Asleep   Self portrait

- Acrylic Paintings -


Maple leaf   Banana plantation   Bridge   Elephant

    Black dress   Red dress   Maple leaves   Lanterns

untitled   Maple leaf 1   Pin up   Maple leaf 2   Oak leaf

untitled 1   untitled 2   Whiskey vintage   Nongluck

incense and candles   Pomegranate   Lone tree   Wooden-house

    Village at sunrise        



- Oil Paintings -

Regenerate   Regenerate ( detail )   My father   We need to talk

The edge   Waitting   Red bird , Blue bird  

Starting to rain   Starting to rain   untitled  


Rain   Rain ( detail )   Rain ( detail ) 1